Stadium Winter Jam 2011

For the sixth year in a row Stadium Winter Jam offers amazing action by the world’s greatest snowboarders and skiers. The freestyle skiing competition "King of Style" and the snowboard competition "LG FIS Snowboard World Cup" is not the only treat this day. Experience Sweden´s biggest Expo for winter sport, a world unique FMX show with an accompanying live-band, The Monster Energy Stage with world class acts and a vast variety of activities along with up tempo music. Happenings and surroundings that contribute to an extraordinary family party and a public event far beyond others.

Last year´s attendance figure was 26, 400 unique visitors from around the world. This year the living-marketing bureau Louder along with their partners actually aims higher. Even the take of ramp has been increased with more than 5 meters from last year and the riders are expected to fly over 30 meters. It is the biggest city ramp built.

Stadium Winter Jam

Date: November 19th
Time: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
Location: Stockholm Stadion – Stockholm Olympic Stadium

11:00 am - the doors opens to Stadium Winter Jam
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm - LG Snowboard FIS World Cup Big Air Finals
4:00 pm to 4:15 pm - FMX show with live-band
4:15 pm to 4:25 pm - Freeride Video Awards
4:30 pm to 5:30 pm - King of Style Finals

5.30 pm to 6.05 pm - Monster Energy presents the closing act for Stadium Winter Jam 2011 on their stage

King of Style

November 19th sees the freestyle skiing elite gather together at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium to crown the king of big air. This competition is one of the biggest in freestyle big air.

The riders from around the globe will compete on the 19th of November, between 4.30 and 5.30 pm, for the crown of King of Style and a sum of $20 000 in the biggest city jump ever produced!

King of Style is part of the Stadium Winter Jam, a full day, activity-packed event at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium which attracts both competitors and visitors from all over the world. During the day there will also be a big air contest for snowboarders, the LG Snowboard FIS World Cup, winter sports fair and a rail arena open to the public as well as loads of other action.

LG Snowboard FIS World Cup

LG Snowboard FIS World Cup in Stockholm is one of the total three competitions in the World Cup series 2011/2012. Experience the collected elite of snowboarders to compete for World Cup points, fame and fortune at Stockholm Olympic Stadium. The list of Snowboarders attending this year will be released within a few days. So stay tuned...

Winter sports fair

Stadium Winter Jam organize Sweden's largest winter sports fair! This year you will be able to take advantage of experiences and activities to suit all ages and needs, attractive special offers, gadget rain and contests where you for example have a chance to win trips for the whole family.

The fair opens at 11.00 am and close at 6.00 pm.


FMX show

Three of Sweden's best freestyle motocross riders come to Stockholm Olympic Arena to show off their coolest acts. The riders will fly 22 meters and will be between 10-12 meters above the ground. Fredrik "Fredd" Johansson is putting together a world unique show with a accompanying live-band to the FMX show.

The show runs at 4.00 pm

Stadium Big Air Bag

Big Air Bag is a huge air mattress that BMX riders, skiers and snowboarders use when they are training to avoid injuries. The mattress is 4 meters high and allows practitioners pushing themselves to the max without getting injured. Of course we have a Big Air Bag at Stadium Winter Jam, where you can jump and spin as much as you want from a platform. Just like the professionals.

O´Neill Jib Area

Take the opportunity to show off your skills in skiing and snowboarding at the Jib Arena. For those who would like, two races will be held during the day. Established skiers will judge the races and for the participants there are cool prices to win.

The Jib Arena is open between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Stadium Winter Jam After-Party

When the races and happenings are over at Stockholm Stadion the evening has just begun. Don´t miss the great after-party at Lobby Nightclub immediately after the event Stadium Winter Jam 2011 is over. The doors open at 8:00 pm with the annual Transition Magazine Awards and with the world class DJ Kid Sid, who delivers the best of the best in music! There will be cool ski and snowboard film premieres and we promise several other surprises ...

Of course, the athletes who competed during the day will be on site to mingle and receive their prizes. Stay tuned for more acts to be presented at the Stadium Winter Jam Afterparty

For those who missed last year's after-party is only one thing we can say, do not miss this years!
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Date: November 19th
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Lobby Nightclub, Sveavägen 9, Stockholm
Limit of Age: 20 years
Ticket price: 160 SEK